Tuscan Style Home Designs

Architects and designers of Tuscan home styles and interiors draw their inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany dotted with lush vineyards, rich olive groves and the beautiful warm and golden colours of nature.

The distinguishing mark of Tuscan homes and their architectural styles are distinctive stucco exteriors and low inclined barrel tile roofs. Tuscan style home designs usually include raised entries, arched windows, and beautiful courtyards.


The more lavish house plan of a Tuscan villa, for example, is impressively designed with the finest of details. It is warm and inviting and its style and décor are inspired by textures and colours found in nature like dark green and sage, gold and yellow and various hues of brown and ochre.

Earth tones are used lavishly in Tuscan home interiors and can be found on walls, flooring, rugs and even furniture. The use of natural tones displays the strong connection to nature that is evident in Italian style home designs.

Tuscan homes styles derive their names from architectural styles found in Tuscany, a region in Italy known for magnificent landscapes, its rich artistic bequest, and extensive influence on high culture.

Covering an area of roughly 23,000sq km or 8,900 sq. miles and its regional capital based in Florence, Tuscany is generally regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and according to historical sources, is known to have been home to some of the most prominent people in the history of science and arts, such as Michelangelo, Dante, Botticelli, Galileo, Machiavelli, Amerigo Vespucci, Leonardo da Vinci, and Francesco Petrarca.


The “Old World” Feel of Tuscan House Plans

Unlike contemporary home styles, Tuscan homes commonly have textured walls and their timeless looks which can be found in anything from Tuscan villa style homes to beautiful warm farmhouses can be accomplished in various ways, though there are important details to focus on if planning to decorate in this grand style.


Why Tuscan Home Designs are Popular Today

Today’s savvy first home builders and homeowners are opting for Tuscan inspired homes with much more choosing to have designs of breathtaking Tuscany home interiors for their families.

Today’s luxury home plans market has a vast collection of Tuscan home designs that can be built on plot sizes as modest as 1,800 square feet, to larger expanse of land of well over 10,000 square feet.



How to Create a Tuscan Style “Retreat”

Many homeowners are looking for ways to decorate or design their interiors with the finest of Tuscany flair. Tuscany has won over its visitors and tourists from all over the world and is one of the most beautiful places to visit for its a romantic air.

A view of the golden hillsides of Tuscany is wonderfully breathtaking and that is what Tuscan style decorating should be. It’s not too hard bringing the Tuscan style into your abode utilising high-quality products whilst saving money at the same time.

And if you love to entertain guests in a full house and need that Italian style of living, there is a Tuscan design guide that will give you great ideas that will give you the results you are looking for.


A Decorating Guide for Tuscan Home Designs

Current Tuscan style and Tuscan inspired decorating ideas are not that easy to find and it makes it a bit of a challenge to keep up with trending Tuscan interior design styles, but with “The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide“, you get a guide that will walk you through the art of applying Tuscany style décor to any room in your home.

So, whether you are thinking of building your luxury dream home, or want to bring some luxurious style into your existing home, enhance you and your family’s lifestyle with Tuscan inspired homes and interiors.


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