Living Room Design Ideas - Styling Your Living Room

The most successful living room designs are not necessarily elaborately furnished. In fact, many are almost Spartan, with a minimalist theme, yet they have been declared as luxurious and even one-of-a-kind.

The living room should be designed as a room for all seasons and unlike traditional parlours or sitting rooms of the past which were constantly altered to go with the changing seasons, today’s living room décor should be appropriately furnished to serve all seasons of the year.


Traditionally, heavy chenille or velvet fabrics were used to make thick heavy drapes as soon as autumn starts to set in. Loose covers of upholstery were removed and replaced with cosy cushions scattered on the chairs and sofas, and fireplaces, prettily decorated with fresh flowers in the spring and summer are cleared and prepared for the first ceremonial fire of the cold season.


By springtime, heavy winter hangings were stored away and lighter sheer fabric curtains were hung up. Floral patterned loose cushion slip covers went back on upholstered pieces and bedspreads, and beautiful flowers again filled the fireplaces.


Today’s modern living room design requires some careful planning and with most homes having both a formal living room and a family living area, you’ll find that all you may need are minor touches to tell about changing seasons.


For instance, from late autumn to early spring, your living room is mainly illuminated with artificial lighting with which you can create desired moods. So adding a few warm and cosy touches like the addition of lamps and shades will make it look and feel cosy and comfortable in winter.


And when spring approaches, bright sunny colours using flowers will help to anticipate the coming of spring, while the warm summer months require soft pastels and airy textures that will help to ‘calm’ the summer heat.


Question You Must Ask Yourself before Planning Your Living Room

If you are a first time home-owner, or you plan on renovating or remodelling, here are twelve questions you may want to ask yourself before you implement your living room design ideas.


Main Living RoomHow would you describe the living room design of your dreams?

  • What will be the purpose of your living room asides it being a sitting area?
  • How do you intend to use it? For instance is it a living area by day and a sleeping area at night, serving a dual purpose?
  • Having a great view of the outdoors is great, but if you don’t have an impressive view, have you though of using scenic wall art or decals?
  • How many people live in your home since it’s certain you’ll wish to seat them all comfortably?
  • Do you want a modern or traditional theme and fireplace with a mantel, or a traditional style heating stove for aesthetics?
  • What kind of display units or systems do you need? And what form of additional storage space would you require?


Family RoomWhat kind of family room space do you require, and how do you intend to use the space?

  • How many members of the household need to sit or lounge comfortably in the family room?
  • Will it serve a single or dual purpose?
  • Where do you want to place units such as the sound system, TV set and the like, that is if you intend to install them in the family room?
  • Do you need library type storage for your books, racks for magazines, shelves for objects of décor?
  • What type of furniture style will you prefer to use?


All you need to do is plan it carefully to suit your needs, lifestyle requirements and your taste. And remember, there are a great number of ways to style, decorate and accessorise your living area without spending a fortune.


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