Plan Dream Bedrooms for Your New Home

Bedrooms are not just rooms to rest or sleep, but a secluded place that shields its occupants from the stresses and strains of the world. It should be a personalised space in a home where one can unwind and be oneself.

Beautiful bedrooms for luxury homes have to be planned because they just don’t happen. They must be decorated with style and their colour schemes must be perfectly selected. It must be a functional room created with the right ambience and mood.

Planning the bedroom well depends on a number of factors. Some need to be planned to occupy two people with diverse tastes, while others may need a direct link to a dressing room and bathroom.

Each of these points, and others listed below must be considered when planning all aspects of a bedroom, and before purchases are even considered.


  1. When planning to build a residential home, will you prefer to have the master bedroom located on the ground (first) or the first (second) floor?
  2. Do you want an en-suite master bedroom, with an adjoining dressing room and bathroom?
  3. Do you want a dressing room if the room is for a single occupant, or separate dressing rooms if for two?
  4. Do you want storage facilities in the bedroom, as well as a walk-in closet, or will you prefer a minimalist theme, with all storage tucked away in closets and dressing rooms?
  5. Will you prefer an adjoining living room or a sitting area in the bedroom?
  6. Do you want access to a balcony, veranda or other forms of the outdoors?
  7. What style will you prefer, a traditional with a fireplace, a contemporary one, or a futuristic bedroom setting?
  8. Will you need one that serves a dual purpose, like being a living room during the day, and a bedroom at night?
  9. Will you watch TV and listen to music in this room?
  10. Do you want built-in furnishings, or standalone units such as free standing wardrobes?
  11. What form of lighting are you considering? Illumination fittings should not be considered as accessories only, but as interior fittings that should be positioned in relation to the furniture.
  12. Planning for bed linen for your bedrooms should be seen as part of the décor that must match the bedroom theme and style. Will you like the traditional look of the Edwardian style with the brass bed posts and lace, or a hint of mystery with a half tester style of curtains and valance mounted above the bed?


The most exciting part of bedroom interior design is choosing a colour scheme. The bedroom usually requires a colour scheme that’s relaxing, pretty combinations of colour where warm and cold colours cab be used in more or less equal measures.

The ceilings don’t have to be that common and boring white. A colour that contrasts subtly with the walls either with a darker or lighter shade than the colours of the walls.

Flowers in beautiful vases and household plants are objects of interest in a bedroom, and will always catch the eye. Asides being aesthetically pleasing in bedrooms, they also provide room occupants with precious oxygen, and they in turn depend on and use the carbon dioxide we exhale. And soft cushions spread generously on the bed are useful accessories that will always accentuate and style of bedroom design.

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