4 Natural Trending Materials for Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen cabinet counter-tops are the ‘crowning glory’ of well-designed kitchen, so choosing the right material that fits the chosen theme is important.

From granite to stainless steel, counter-tops ‘finish off’ the cabinet units, just as the right style hat compliments an outfit. And today’s kitchen designs show a distinct move towards the use of natural, environmentally-friendly materials for kitchen cabinet worktops.

There are a fair number of counter-top materials to choose from just as there are a fair number of colours and textures you’ll find amongst the various types. However, with many homeowners deciding to ‘go green’, the ensuing craze shows that a good number opt for materials such as;

They each have their own distinctive characters and appealing looks. They are generally beautiful but most important of all; they possess unsurpassed durability and long lasting quality. That in itself is well worth the expense.

But how long can these natural materials last? Slate and granite are almost everlasting, with slate being the longer lasting non-porous material, more so than granite. Marble is quite durable and long lasting to a certain degree, but it is generally known to be porous enough to become stained with time, and may breakdown ever so slowly due to persistent water damage. It’s best to get it sealed before use as a kitchen counter-top.

Hardwood on the other hand is not stone, like the above three counter top materials but it has its own unique quality, and if well dried, can last for as long as you wish it to. If you desire a ‘warm’ look and feel; something unique and exotic, hardwood is your best choice.

The good thing about hardwood is that there is quite a wide range of types to choose from; oak, maple, bamboo, redwood, etc…

Wood is still used extensively.


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