Key Players In the Building Construction Industry

Ever before home construction commences, there are the key players that have crucial roles to perform. This article is a simple guide for aspiring first-time homeowners that need to familiarise themselves with those they need to liaise with.

Building a new home involves more than searching for and purchasing beautiful dream house plans. There are major players that will be involved as well.


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So, while dreaming, and then searching for the ideal home design, remember that you’ll also need to start planning towards getting to identify the key players you’ll need when planning to build your residence.

Many don’t realise the number of additional professionals, asides the builder; who will be involved in the home construction process.

Along with the main building contractor, other key players include subcontractors, architects and/or interior designers, a mortgage broker (financiers), city or town inspectors, and planning and zoning officials.


The Financiers

The project cannot commence without adequate funding. The typical homeowner doesn’t really have loads of money idling in an account at his or her disposal.

Necessary funds can only be obtained for most, by taking out a mortgage loan. Working out a plan with a mortgage broker or banker will help in securing a mortgage to finance the project.

This type of mortgage sees the financial institution advancing funds to the prospective homeowner at various stages of construction, as and when funds are needed.


Planning and Zoning Officials

It is important to get permission from your local municipality before construction can start. Even as every community’s requirements differ, they all have relevant planning and zoning boards that ensure the site meets all the local regulations.

Local building officials will review the home plans and designs, and the proposed building site. Once consent is granted and a building permit is issued, construction can commence.


The Builder

You have to work with a residential builder to transform those two-dimensional drawing plans into a physical house.

Your main and most important contact throughout the construction process will be the builder.

luxurydreamhomedesigns keyplayersThe builder is responsible for taking the blueprints and creating a physically habitable three-dimensional space.

The builder serves as the main/general contractor who most likely will be responsible for hiring the subcontractors required to complete the home construction project.

The subcontractors are professionals in specialised areas, like the electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, masons, fitters, etc...


A Local Architect May Be Required

If you are buying stock plans on-line, though the home plans you’ve just received are ready to be constructed as is, you may still have specific needs not already included in the existing drawing plans.

Your best bet is to ask for modifications from the home designs retailers before delivery of the finalised blueprints.

But the problem sometimes is that many communities will want local certification before you can commence construction.

If this applies in your case, talk about this with your builder who can help you determine whether you’ll require the services of a local architect.


An Interior Designer

You may need the professional services of an interior designer or a professional decorator to assist you with decorating choices for the home’s interior.


interior design1a

So, if you have a specific theme in mind but are unsure of how to go about achieving it, an interior designer will be of great assistance in helping you make better sense of wading through endless swatches and samples, brochures of light fittings, plumbing fixtures, furnishings, etc…


City (or Town) Inspectors

As the building progresses, there will be city or town inspectors coming over occasionally to check that the builder complies with all the local building codes.

If the finished residential house complies with all regulations, a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) will be issued. This indicates that the house is structurally sound and habitable.

Upon receiving the Certificate of Occupancy, both you and the builder will do the final walk-through inspection, something like a “Quality Assurance” review, and list all things that still need to be completed, or re-fixed.


Between Builders and Subcontractors

It is advisable to allow the builder be in charge of hiring the various subcontractors. Those experienced in building construction have their network of subcontractors who they trust to do their tasks well and on time.

Try as much as is possible to avoid hiring a friend or relative for the home construction works, or as subcontractors. It’s best to let builder hire their own subcontractors for the simple reason that if something goes wrong during the construction process, or after the house is completed, your builder will be responsible.

If you “throw” your own people into the labour mix, it will make it difficult to apportion blame if something terrible goes wrong. So, it’s good to be aware of this lest you find yourself footing the bill to have some problem solved.

Remember, this is your dream home that’s being built, and it’s best to keep things simple, so if possible, ensure the building contractor is the only one responsible for your home construction project.


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