Increase the Value of Your Home with a Kitchen Makeover

When planning to do kitchen remodelling works (kitchen makeovers), you need to have one thing in mind asides cooking. Yes, kitchens are basically used for food preparation and cooking but they can also function as eating and family-bonding hubs as well, an interior space that serves as a vital family ‘support system’ for residential homes.

A room where the hubbub of your household’s daily life revolves efficiently (and smoothly) on its axis; a warm family ‘den’ where the day’s events are recapped while cooking; a place to chat over a cup of tea and a slice of cake with a neighbour; a place to supervise the kids homework.

In other words, the kitchen is the heart of the home!

Being the focal point of a residence to many home seekers, kitchens have an important place in the overall value of any residence. For instance, if you decide to put your home on the market but have a crappy kitchen, it will affect the home’s value, pure and simple.

On the other hand, have a stunning kitchen with ‘all the works’ and observe how potential buyer ‘drool’ over the house, spending more time inspecting it than most of the other rooms within.

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A Great Kitchen Can Raise the Value of Your Home

If you’re planning to do some remodelling works in your home, either to satisfy your desire for a beautiful interior or for a future sale, increase its market value; spend some of the money on a kitchen makeover. A splendid kitchen is a must-have essential for the move-up or first time home buyer.

There are countless cases of real estate home sales where the kitchen style and décor has been known to help clinch a sale, and what’s more important than finding ways to increase the value of a home anyway? Isn’t it best to spend the money where prospects will appreciate it?

It’s true that kitchen remodelling works can take a large chunk off one’s finances, and there is a great amount of thought and planning that needs to be put into it before proceeding to carry out any form of refurbishment. However, a good plan ahead will ensure a successful implementation and result in a beautiful dream kitchen.


Planning Is Essential for Success

For an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that’s highly versatile (and functional), the interior space must be planned to the very last detail. But not many do-it-yourself enthusiasts have the time, patience, confidence, or expertise to carry out the required detailed planning that’s necessary for a perfect design layout.

Kitchen demands a place and space for everything from crockery and appliances to foods and cleaning items. Not only that! If you intend eat meals in your kitchen, you’ll either need a table and light chairs or an eating counter and high stools. Incorporating things creatively is what makes a kitchen work well and look good.

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Kitchen Style – What are Your Needs?

Before you start on anything, you’ll need to conceptualise so take the time to work out what your needs are, what style you desire, and the functional qualities you require before calling in kitchen design specialists or planners.

  • Have you always longed for an antique style kitchen with an Aga stove?
  • Do you want a high-tech modern style, a country kitchen, or an eclectic design?
  • Do you need special storage that a space to slide in and out your boiling kettle?
  • Do you desire an island unit with an overhand with hooks to hang your brass pots?
  • Do you want to go for a style that compliments the character of the building or would you prefer a total deviation?
  • A breakfast nook always looks great. Would you like one incorporated within the kitchen space?
  • Bright bold colours, pristine white, colour combinations, or soft pastel shades?
  • Are you all for the traditional? Shaker style kitchens are still a popular choice

Ask yourself as many questions as is possible and jot down your ideas. Let your ideas be a reflection of your personality and you will enjoy the end results. You will be able to brief the kitchen specialists better when you know what you want and if you decide to carry out the project yourself, you will be well informed about your needs and you will know how to use them to create your design idea.


Kitchens have become attractive rooms in a home and are no more just a boring space filled with uninteresting lined-up boxed units. Modern styles now have angular, circular, and oblique features meant to accentuate and enhance the shape of the room.


Choosing Colours

Most homeowners prefer their kitchens coloured in safe neutral tones, but the more adventurous will go for the most unusual colours, textures, and colour combinations. It’s not uncommon to find such colours as vivid yellow, lime, dramatic black and white, striking jades, and peacock blues. Some of the more unusual colours are very attractive and they always look very up-end.

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However, if you are not daring enough to go for bold colours, then it’s best you choose colours that are soft on the eyes and aesthetically pleasing to you.


Create the Perfect Kitchen Work-space

The perfect work-space involves taking the work triangle issue seriously. This ensures efficient workability, safety, and creative organisation.

Efficient workability – The work triangle which is the route between the 3 work areas in the kitchen must flow between the sink, the fridge and the cooker. It must be planned to facilitate easy movement between task points vis-à-vis washing . . . cooking . . . food storing.

Safety – The working environment must be safe. Hobs must not be placed in a corner, jammed at the end of a line of units; neither must they be placed below a window which may result in accidents caused by drafts of winds.

Creative organisation – Allow for a placement or ‘put-down’ space for hot oven trays, baking dishes and cooking pots fresh out of the oven or off the fire. Create space and storage for every item as much as is possible – food larders, appliance storage, vegetable racks, sliding/rolling cutting boards, wine coolers, perishable food baskets, cleaning equipment, etc…

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Kitchen Makeover Cost Implications

Homeowners must have a good idea of a convenient and workable budget before considering carrying out works. Kitchen remodelling tasks can run into a few thousand dollars (or pounds) so a realistic budget must be set before calling in the experts.

  • How much can you afford for a kitchen makeover?
  • Will structural works be involved? Probably a wall needs to be removed, or a window may need widening.
  • Maybe the kitchen needs to be expanded.
  • Will major plumbing and electrical wiring works be required for extensive remodelling works?
  • Will new appliances or additional ones be required?
  • Does the existing floor finish, wall tiles (or wallpaper) need a total overhaul?


Budget Requirements

A good yardstick is to budget roughly ten percent of the resale value of the home, and though there is no hard and fast rule about this, it just says that you don’t really need to spend as much.

It may be noted that appliances account for about a third of the total amount required for kitchen remodelling projects but this amount may skyrocket if for instance you desire hi-tech appliances or intend to buy from expensive but known manufacturers.

A realistic budget must include costs for:

  • Kitchen cabinet base and hanging units
  • Electrical appliances
  • Decor items like window blinds, floor finish, wall tiles, light fixtures, etc…
  • Plumbing works
  • Electrical works
  • Charges for plan and design specialists (if job is contracted out)

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Some specialists offer kitchen remodelling services for a fee, but will reimbursed the amount if they get to supply and install all required products including all the required appliances (turn-key). But whatever your choice or conclusions, choose everything from a practical point of view and try to save some money as much as you possibly can.

If you are knowledgeable about home design software programs, you can design your own kitchen as there are easy to use programs on the market. So instead of calling in a kitchen planner or interior designer to produce drawings, you can accomplish the design part of the project yourself . . . A good way to save some money!

Also, there are numerous kitchen planners and specialists online whose job it is to design dream kitchens for their many clients scattered around the world. Their design services tend to be much cheaper and they can work out details and specifications based on the size and shape of a kitchen space that you’ll need to send them.

And if you need ideas to make your creative juices flow, there is an array of kitchen design ideas that can be found in galleries online. They will certainly motivate you.

And once your project is completed (successfully), your home; if you plan to put it on the market, it will not only increase in value, it’s appealing new kitchen will catch any buyer’s eye. And that’s the whole idea!

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