How to Plan Stylish Bathroom Designs

If you desire a stylish bathroom, you need to meticulously and thoughtfully plan its design, just like you'll do for any other building project; but how far do you intend to go to create that elegant quiet retreat within your home?

Bathrooms of today are not only meant to be functional, but well-designed, pleasing to the eye, and restful. They serve as private retreats within the home where members of the household can freshen up when the day begins, and pamper them at the end of the day.

Your bathroom décor must allow you to linger rather than rush, and its layout must suit the mood of everyone, and must be a reflection of the lifestyle of the home-owner.

Stylish bathrooms are planned methodically and that’s what makes their layout work successfully. So if you want a luxury bathroom and don’t have the required detailed knowledge of how to plan and create such a “paradise”, you need to seek some professional advice.

This can be achieved either by employing an interior designer, or through the use of affordable resources you can get on-line.

How to Work Towards Creating a Stylish Bathroom

You first have to decide how your new bathroom will look. There is an art to creating a stylish bathroom so here are a few things you may want to consider and put on your planning list:

Bathroom Style & Theme

Your theme and style should be determined; and must include everything from the elegant vanity units and the roll top bath, to the water-saving taps, the plugs and soap dispensers. So what styles do you desire, a vintage period style, a modern bathroom, or something in-between?

Colour Scheme

The colours of the walls and the style of the floor should be determined at this point. What mood do you want to create with colours? Is it a bright sunny bathroom design with a lot of sunlight beaming through wide windows, or a serene atmosphere with relaxed mood enhancing colour palettes?

Scenic View

Do you want a beautiful view of the outdoors from your bathroom window? If perchance your home is designed in a way that you have small insignificant bathroom windows, have you considered having a huge wall decal on one wall to give you a scene you love?

And if the amount of natural light that shines in is important to you, is it possible to have a window opening created to give you what you really want?

Bath Tub and Shower Unit

There are a good number of stylish baths and shower enclosures that will give stunning looks when installed in bathrooms of your new home. There are free standing bath tubs, corner baths, whirlpool and steel baths that will delight any home-owner.

The popular choice to create stylish looks is the freestanding baths that come in both traditional and modern styles.

The roll top, oval, and square shaped baths enhanced with beautiful bath feet will invoke a classic feel if you want to go the traditional path. And for the strictly modern home, flat-top and oval-bath models are perfectly suited to give the space a stylish look.

Your choice of shower units can make or break a stylish bathroom theme. Today, you will find exotic units that come as standalone or walk-in shower enclosures complete with thermostatic shower systems.

On the other hand, you can opt for a shower and bathtub combination if your bathroom space is limited.

Try to incorporate elegant walk-in shower enclosures if you have the space. They provide easy access in and out of the unit because they have no doors and feature a low-level tray which makes them perfect for those who are physically challenged.

A walk-in shower will give your bathroom a very stylish feature if the look is completed with elegant shower heads and valves. You can also consider a shower enclosure with a steam unit large enough for two, or even one with a whirlpool tub.

Wash Hand Basins and Toilets

It’s not so hard to find fantastic choices of toilets and wash hand basins in a wide variety of styles and colours, and available in both modern and traditional designs.

If for example, your bathroom space is mall, or you need to design a stylish cloakroom, it can be difficult to find a standard basin and toilet to fit a small space. However, you can find a range of short projection toilets and compact basins that will help you to make the most of your bathroom space.

Remember to use units that will conceal all pipe work from view. That’s part of what makes a bathroom “clean”, tidy and stylish.

Bathroom Furniture

What are your storage requirements? Do you prefer standalone cabinets to the built-in variety to store your handheld appliances, medicine cabinets, cosmetics, towels and the like?

Bathroom furniture is an important part of any bathroom design, but the style of units you choose will determine the stylishness of your new bathroom.

Whether you have a large family bathroom with three or more users, or a compact cloakroom suite, the choice of vanity units will not only provide additional storage space, but add aesthetic value to the room.

You can opt for standalone units which tend to look classy and are available in a wide range of sizes. Wall mounted bathroom furniture’s use on its own is great if you have limited space and wish to create the illusion of more floor space in a tiny bathroom or visitor’s toilet.

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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are available in so many styles; modern, traditional, minimalist and free-standing, and in stylish chrome, gold antique finish, and colour collections to suite the taste of any home-owner. They include tumbler holders, illuminating mirrors, toilet roll holders, soap dishes, dispensers, towel rings, towel rails, toilet brush holders, etc…

Choosing the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom is the key to making it look luxurious. The right choice of bathroom accessories will enhance the overall look and feel of any bathroom, and the right style can help create a stylish look as long as you pick matching accessories.

Heating Your Bathroom

Using electric under-floor heating mats is the popular choice of heating in modern bathrooms and these heating mats will provide warmth all year round if need be.

To go a step further to conserve energy, you can program your system at the touch of a button if you use under-floor heating thermostat.

This form of heating provides a luxurious way to heat your bathroom feel so great to walk on as soon as you walk into your bathroom.

Pleasing Bathroom Designs Now in Demand

Besides kitchens, bathrooms are now a focus of attention in many home designs, and unlike the dim, cold and dreary, steam filled rooms of the past, everyone now desires a luxurious bathroom if they had their choice.

No bathroom is too small, narrow or awkward for today’s bathroom designer to tackle. You can make the most of every inch of space and make your bathroom design a dream stylish retreat.


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