How to Modify Your Home Design Choice

Plan modifications of your chosen home design may be necessary if it doesn't quite fit into your existing plot of land though it may possess the aesthetics you love dearly. What can be done to give you what you really desire?

You just found a great home design and it exactly what you’ve been searching for, but you will like a few modifications made to it.

For example, the house plan layout and its perspective views look so wonderful, but you’ll rather replace siding with stucco. Then there is the living room position on the plan that you want to be moved to a different location.

Also, you want to convert the garage space to a work-from-home office, and have double doors lead into the kitchen from the dining room.

Having such minor changed done to a design of choice is referred to as house plan modification. It ensures that intending homeowners like you have the opportunity to make their choice more personal, one that will be perfect for your exclusive style and needs.

Working With the Designer to Modify Your Plans

The professional architect or designer that designed your choice can work with you to make the necessary changes you want. This eliminates the need for time-consuming changes and expensive modification services through the hiring of a third party architectural design firm.

Working directly with those you purchased the house blueprints from ensures the alterations will be professionally done and quickly implemented.

How Plan Modification Works

Here is a simple example of a house plan modification. You chose this plan but want a change. Your actual choice has its garage opening with a “‘from the street” approach, but you want it modified to open from the left side of the house.

house plan modification

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Modifications Before Paying for House Plans

It’s good to know that there is no need to have purchased the blueprints in order to receive a modification estimate. All you need is to know the code of the home design plan you have chosen

Modification requests can be made through your own simple hand-drawn sketches which you can send by fax or by email attachments.

You must include descriptions of the changes you desire.

A small consultation fee of around $50 (not much!) is charged for the modification estimate, and a credit for that will be applied to any modification cost, once the decision to move forward with the order is taken.

Modification specialists will review your modification requests so as to determine if the changes are minor or major. They need to determine this so as to ensure that the integrity of the chosen home design structure is maintained.


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