The Future of Bathrooms

Just as we never imagined the magnitude of today’s technological revolution fifty years ago, what does the future hold for our bathrooms?

Many of us scoffed at the idea of electric toothbrushes and built-in electric razors just a few decades back, but today’s bathrooms hold not only these, but heated towel rails, body jets, under-floor heating, and thermostatic shower systems.

The technical revolution we have all experienced this century is awesome, yet there is still more to come. We all move around with one hi-tech “appendage” or another.

It’s either a pocket computer loaded with apps that ensure we stay in touch with the world, or a smartphone that keeps us in contact with our families, friends, and business associates.

Did we imagine these twenty-five years ago? Probably not!


Bathroom Designs – What the Future Predicts


Right or wrong, some predictions of the past can be aptly described as ridiculous, like everyone owning their own personal robot that’ll do chores ranging from dusting and sweeping to preparing sumptuous meals or flying around the skies on jet packs.

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Bathroom of the Future?

But many believe we are close to seeing this come to pass, and as everything surrounding us gets more and more hi-tech what does this mean for bathrooms?

The basic elements that make a bathroom are a shower and/or bathtub, wash hand basin and the toilet.

These should remain unchanged as it has been for over half a century though, in the early days of the bathroom, many were outdoor bathrooms, still, these basic fixtures were utilised.

For the bathroom of the future, we can only speculate on the shapes and form they may take, but what is certain is that the room will go hi-tech more than ever.

With future bathrooms, should we expect…?

  • To be able to get information as we shower, and interact effortlessly with others while bathing?
  • Shower curtains that serve not only their traditional purpose of screening off splashing water, but as display screens that allow us to catch up on our social networking, listen to breaking news, or to simply watch movies as we wash?
  • Bathroom mirrors that you can use to connect to social networking sites?
  • Hi-tech lavatories in bathrooms that can measure blood sugar levels?
  • Interactive mirrors that offer fashion style, and tips on how to apply the perfect makeup?
  • Taps that can be controlled remotely so that you can run a soapy bath on your way back from work, all ready for you to soak in, watch your waterproof TV or listen to music from a multi-room hi-fi system through concealed waterproof speakers.

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bathrooms of the future

Future Bathroom Idea

Remember BBC’s “Tomorrow’s World” programme of future inventions, and their “preposterous” claims in 1967 of the computer that could receive and send messages. All that can be said is that sceptics were put to shame.

Now let’s see what future bathroom designs hold in store.


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Bathroom Ideas of the 21st Century

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