Dream Dining Room Design Ideas

The dining room, rated next after the kitchen, is often the nucleus of the home. Dining rooms should possess the qualities of a peaceful environment with a rich and inviting atmosphere, and must be an area where you can enjoy great home cooked food and engage in warm family chitchats.

You must design your dining room to suit your lifestyle. Keen cooks with informal lifestyles derive much joy from cooking for, and feeding their family and friends, and love to have their dining rooms warm, comfortable, welcoming and decorated with appetite inducing schemes.

The creative cook who often does some fair amount of formal entertaining may wish to have a more restrained theme with a subtle and decorous colour scheme furnished with elegant furniture and furnishings.

New homeowners and those who wish to redecorate can decorate the dining room with a specific period style using opulent drapery and dramatic colour schemes. There are many options for the period style, and theses may range from the ‘Regency Reproduction’ to the ‘Jacobean Style’.

In more modern settings, the dining room is almost always an extension of the kitchen, the living room, or both. The good thing about the contemporary dining room design is that it is more flexible with a minimalist look that allows for changing requirements.



Consider what you will need, what you’ll find efficient, and what you’ll find aesthetically pleasing before you make any purchases. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself.

  1. How much dining space would you need? In other words, how many people would need to be seated at the dining table? This will depend on the number of people living at home, and if you entertain frequently.
  2. How do you want to use this room? Will it serve for dining only, or will it be an offshoot from the kitchen?
  3. Do you want it to serve as a formal dining room, where you can entertain guests for dinner, or an informal room that’ll be used on a more regular basis?
  4. Would you prefer an extend-able table to a permanently fixed one?
  5. Do you want a more enclosed dining room, or one that’s open planned, with a ‘flow’ to the living room, kitchen, patio, etc.
  6. To which other rooms should it be an extension of?
  7. Would you like a scenic view of the outdoors? Perhaps you’ll like a view of a beautifully manicured garden, an ornate fountain, a fish pond, or the poolside?
  8. What are your storage requirements?
  9. What style or period setting do you desire? Do you prefer the traditional setting with its rich mahogany hardwood pieces of furniture, or the more contemporary acrylic dining sets?



Once you have planned carefully by thinking things through, planned the room to fit into your lifestyle and needs, have given it a style, selected a great colour scheme, chosen suitable finishes, and turned all this into practical reality, you can then go ahead and start your purchases. Then only will you entertain and dine in style in your dream home.

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