How to Customise a House Plan to Meet Your Needs

You have found a dream house design but it needs some customisation so that it meets your special needs. Find out ways to have your choice of house plan customised.

Many intending home-owners may find the almost perfect house plan that seems to fit most of their needs.

However, it may fall short of one feature or the other which may be important or crucial to an intending buyer.

The good thing is that at ePlans, you can have any house blueprints of your choice modified or totally customised to meet whatever your requirements may be.

Changes you require may include:

  • Having an additional bathroom
  • Having a nursery that’s adjoined to the master suite
  • Require extra bathroom or a larger one
  • Prefer to have a different foundation from the one specified, one that’s green like insulated concrete forms
  • Indoor ramps for easy movement of a wheelchair
  • Need an alcove that’s just the right size for a work-from-home office
  • A dining room that flows into the kitchen
  • Relocating the garage
  • Special bathroom fittings and fixtures for a live-in senior citizen, or a person with physical challenges
  • Split-level floors
  • More outdoor entertainment space
  • Opting for the use of “green” sustainable materials for custom framing

The list is endless, and the options are vast, including pre-defined custom options, but whatever the changes you require, its good to know that customisations are possible.

Customisations of house plans are not only structural but can involve for example, special wiring for custom lighting, wiring for home entertainment in terms of audio and video, and changes that promote efficient eco-friendly living.

Let searching for your dream home design be a fun, exciting, and easy venture now that you know you can have your ideal home blueprints done your own way. It’s so simple to find what you need, especially if you have an idea of what you really require as you can find the appropriate plans by number of bedrooms, special features – breakfast nook, number of bathrooms, storeys, square footage of your lot, building budget, etc…

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So, if you are ready to purchase a house plan on-line but can’t find one that meets specifics, it’s really not a problem.

You have the option of either selecting a pre-defined custom option, or you can ask for a free quotation for any modification or alteration you can imagine.

Find Your Perfect Home Plan here and have it customised  however you wish.

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