Craftsman Style Homes – Dream Design Of Many Prospective Homeowners

Craftsman houses are undoubtedly one of the most popular architectural style homes for today’s prospective homeowner. Their styles are widely accepted not only for their visibly aesthetic charm but also for their art appeal and craftsmanship details.

But why are these homes so popular nationwide?

The Craftsman design with its ‘boxy’ looks and simple less pretentious style (a deviation from the past home designs) is all about reviving beautiful decorative art of the past. Their designs are perfectly structured and their detailing well crafted.

Its beauty is in its simplicity, with a simple structural form that is stylish and “detail-oriented”, reminiscent of the popular Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century.

But its emergence is quite interesting.

craftsman house plans

Back then, prospective homeowners sought not only quality homes with perfect details; they were also particular about a home’s functionality, its comfort, and its live-ability. We won’t be wrong if we also imply that they too, like us, desired something eco-friendly (call it green), environmentally friendly homes built with use of natural elements like:
• Stone
• Brick
• Wood
• Brick
• Stucco


Features of Craftsman Style Architecture

Homeowners-to-be are endeared to their distinctive features, like:
• Low-slung gable roofs
• Cross gabled roof lines
• Wide dormers with windows
• Exposed rafters
• Decorative knee braces (under deep roof eaves)
• Elaborate porches with tapered elaborate timber columns
• Exposed timber structures
• Entrance doors with upper glass panes
• Double-hung windows
• Mostly one storey (often bungalows) or one-and-a-half storeys but the houses may be of any form, as long as they show a relationship with nature
• Painted in 1 or 2 contrasting colours

Craftsman homes are timeless structures because ever since their creations, they continue to be the choice and favourite of many in the entire North America, popping up in many neighbourhoods, irrespective of which region.

craftsman house

As one proud user said . . . “I especially like the porch which harkens one back to a time when we used to sit out front and greet neighbours who passed by on an evening walk. It brings to mind a slower, simpler time in life. Who wouldn’t love that?”

And today, by still maintaining a charming balance between its excellent craftsmanship and ageless simplicity, it’s no wonder that Craftsman house plans have remained one of the most sought after residential plans of the 21st century for those who appreciate the detailing that goes into their crafting and have promised themselves to someday own a Craftsman styled dream home.


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