Design Your Bathroom Like a Professional

Plan and design your bathroom, or learn about the latest bathroom designs and build one that fits your lifestyle and meets your requirements. Learn how to design a bathroom just like a professional bathroom designer.

When you decide to build or renovate your existing bathroom, choosing designs, styles, themes and features that work well together to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom may pose a challenge, what with the hundreds of thousands of bathroom design ideas found on-line.

But before you even begin to think of constructing a professional looking bathroom, one that looks so good that family and friends will assume you engaged the services of a bathroom designer to execute your project; it is good to be aware of the organisational and technical viewpoint in creating a purposeful bathroom layout.

Designing a Bathroom – Imagine the Possibilities


bathroom designsYou may wish to check out this amazing e-Book that gives detailed step-by-step guides on how to design a beautiful bathroom, whether it is traditional, contemporary or futuristic. It is a complete downloadable book on how to design and plan bathrooms.

Recent trends in bathroom designs are explained, including all of the modern bathroom fixtures, showers, bathtubs, vanities, mirrors, etc.., including finishes and electrical lighting systems.

“Bathroom Design – A Complete Guide” will teach you how to create a beautiful and efficient luxury bathrooms in your home that captures the look that you desire and suits your lifestyle.

The Bathroom Planning Process


You first need to ascertain what you can afford and you need to know your priorities. This goes a long way in helping you estimate your costs and keep within your stipulated budget from the beginning.

With those decisions sorted out, you can proceed with your design creation. The e-Book will show you how to:

Create your bathroom plan

Prepare a layout for your bathroom and show you how to optimise the room and create a strong design scheme. You will have guides and instructions to help you visualise and show you how to achieve beautiful design styles ranging from small and simple bathrooms to large and sophisticated styles.

Choose a design theme

A “powerful” theme is crucial for a successful bathroom design concept and this book shows numerous options that will help you create an awesome theme that looks sophisticated, just as good as one created by a professional bathroom designer.

Choose bathroom fittings, fixtures and furniture

Choose the right bathroom fittings, fixtures and furniture for the appropriate styles. You will learn about the latest bathtub designs, select from a vast array of different shower styles, know the different designs of vanities and sinks, and see the latest low water use toilets.

Determine appropriate finishes and colour schemes

Options for finishes are explained to details for floors, walls, fixtures, built-in or standalone cabinets, lighting and other essentials required in your bathroom design. You will also learn how to plan out a colour scheme that will pull your bathroom design ideas together.

Choose bathroom accessories

All options are explored at length including accessories such as towel warmers, swing arm close-up mirrors, glass shelves, and other accessories for the bathtubs, showers, toilet and vanities.

“Bathroom Design – A Complete Guide” provides a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the step-by-step process of bathroom designing. It addresses a full range of bathroom building and remodelling projects, ideas for installations and a full range of features.

And it’s over four dozen Internet hyperlinks to web sites for bathroom designs will give you access to the latest styles, materials, finishes, and prices as well as exceptional ideas to add effect to your bathroom design.

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