Home Designs for Baby Boomers

As baby boomers get ready to start a brand new life of retirement, they need smaller home designs that not only fit into a brand new lifestyle but also meets specific needs, now and into their future.


If you are a baby boomer, this should be your new lease on life, a new lifestyle in a smaller house with lots of space for entertaining new and friendly neighbours, hosting children and grandchildren, and generally starting a new life of freedom.

As a baby boomer born between 1946 and 1964, you represent one of the 45% of the working populace, that controls a vast amount of discretionary income.

And whether your personal desires include modern homes with unique features or classic designs with a flavour of the past, you can reflect your new passions through a small house design that expresses your newly acquired freedom from the rearing of children.


Smaller Modern Homes – Fewer Rooms – More Open Spaces

At this age, your need for space is totally reduced so you have the choice of going for fewer bedrooms, but more open spaces that flow into each other. Fewer doors to open ever so often, and more energy efficient spaces with ample windows that provide an infusion of natural light and a view of the outdoors.


For empty nesters and baby boomers that like house designs with a more contemporary flair, their ideal downsized modern home must-have features designed for easy living. It may include:
  • Architectural styles that show clean vertical and horizontal lines, typical of modern homes
  • Energy efficient spaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing space plan with larger open spaces that flow into each other, especially in the kitchen, living room and dining areas
  • Window walls that give a blast of natural light and differentiates modern home designs from traditional houses

You can find your dream home on-line, and you can have any architectural style or interior design modified to suit whatever it is you may require.


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